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Find your happy place.

The gifted spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer once explained that it makes about as much sense to have a smoking section in a restaurant as it does to have a peeing section in a pool.  Why is this so poignant? Well, in much the same way, we are all one mass of co-mingled vibrating energy here on earth.  Scientists will tell you we are all connected beyond our physical bodies, linked perfectly with all things we share the planet with.

soul salon internationalIf you have ever seen a person’s bad mood ruin a get-together or another person’s  magnetic personality unleash a positive ripple of energy through a gathering, meeting or event, you have witnessed this truth.  If a teacher is unbalanced and stressed or disconnected from the passion they once had for teaching, the students suffer.  If a manager is overwhelmed and impatient, the team is not unified and powerful.  If Mom or Dad is depressed, out of shape and disconnected from their life purpose, the family becomes stagnant and void of bliss and growth.  When we are at our best, we are happiest. When we are making a real contribution, we are happiest.  When we are using our talents to the fullest, we are happiest.  So, if we are not happy, we are not doing one, two or all three of these things.

When one is strong, happy and fulfilled, we benefit, but the  larger unit benefits and prospers to a greater degree too.  It is time for all of us to work together to make a quantum leap in human consciousness.  So rallying around those who share our life, our work and our world is really a gift to all of us.The health of our planet and the future of humanity requires this of us, now.

How can we do this? Start with y-o-u and be vigilant with your children.  You are the greatest example of personal and global responsibility your child has right now.  Just as Gandhi said, BE the change you wish to see in the world.  Do you want to see a more peaceful and more compassionate world? Bring those qualities into your home.  Look at your attitudes, the themes of your video games, the words written on your child’s clothing, the lyrics to the songs they sing to name a few influences… What TV shows to allow into your home? What magazines sit on your coffee table?  Are they gossip-filled or light -filled?

Do they reflect respect for all life, growth, peace and compassion?

Navigate your days CONSCIOUSLY and you will create and invite beautiful things in your life.