Plugging into Potential


Acorns seem to offer the perfect analogy to illustrate the word “Potential”.  The first person ever to hold this tiny seed could never have imagined the towering oak that would come from such a tiny package. Even the most future-minded thinker would not be able to fathom the mighty oak destined to emerge.  Favorable conditions and an optimal growth-spot is what allows that acorn to plow its massive roots deep into the soil while its sturdy trunk and branches expand toward the sky.  This beautiful analogy culminates with the production of thousands of acorns during the life of this singular oak.  With each of these tiny power-packed acorns, the “potential” analogy is carried out again and again with an eternal Divine rhythm.

And so it is with you too.

Like an acorn, each of us is packed with the same potential to become something entirely different, or somehow more, than what we appear to be right now.   Each of us has the ability to yield contributions that will far outlast our lifespan. Every single one of us found our way into this world without a road map. In the same way we were naturally infused with the seed of potential that is revealed through our talents, gifts, and passions. Each of these point to our place of greatest contribution.  So, how can we tap into this potential to create a personal best?  How can we plug into this reservoir to build a legacy that we will be thrilled with?

The answer to these questions is to simply decide to make it your goal to do so.

7 ways to Plug into Potential

1.  Get clear on your values:

 Identifying your top five values will have a transformational effect on your work, relationships and your physical environment.  Suppose that you discover that you have a huge personal value around connecting with nature regularly. Perhaps then you might realize that your urban lifestyle works against that value and leaves you disconnected and drained. Now you see how lopsided it is that you fervently wait 51 weeks each year for your one-week vacation in the mountains.  This epiphany nudges you to find weekly opportunities to honor your high-ranking value of spending time in nature. Values discovery hint: If you learned you had a year to live, how would you invest that final year?  Would you travel, volunteer, spend time with family or go sky-diving?  How you answer this scenario will give you insight into your values.

2.  Discover your purpose for being:

Naming your life purpose helps to consolidate your scattered energy and efforts to things that bring you great satisfaction.  Which part of your life really thrills you?  And is where your natural talents are best utilized? What would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid?  Where do you experience the connections with others that you really thrive on?  What are you most proud of?  Each of these point to your reason for being–or your life purpose.

3.  Continually evaluate and assess where you are now in relation to where you want to be:

Consider writing in a dedicated journal to script your ultimate goals and the next steps you are taking towards them.  These steps should be specific, measurable and have a deadline.  If you decide that you want to double your income in the next 12 months, but implement no new strategies, you are destined to be disappointed with your results.  But if you generate a few specific strategies for quarter one of the year, and get to the business of doing them, you will have some data to use when deciding how to move forward in quarter two of the new year.

4. Evaluate your posse:

Once you are clear on your goals, values and life purpose, it is time to examine the people you share your life with.  Write down the names of the five people you spend the most time with. Each one of the people on your list should mesh beautifully with the vision of what you want to manifest. If there is someone in your primary circle who is stifling your potential, lovingly make an adjustment.  Sharing creative energy with people who either share your vision or support your vision will exponentially boost your results.

5. Have a plan:

Going forward in the direction of your greatest potential requires planning.  In that designated journal mentioned earlier, outline a plan with a beginning assessment, middle benchmark and an indication of completion.  Set specific goals with deadlines, outcomes and steps along the way to help you scaffold and achieve your desired result.

6.  Monitor your 1,440:

Each of us gets 1,440 minutes each day.  Keep a log for one week to see how you are utilizing those precious minutes.  Once you do this you are better able to determine if an adjustment needs to be made.  If you are using social media 2 hours each day and realize that half of that 14 hours per week is better spent exercising, adjust to suit your desired results.  Conversely, if you spend extra time at the gym, but miss the happiness you feel when connecting with people you care about, then tweak accordingly.

7. Visualize your ideal as though it is already here:

For decades scientists have been studying how it is that daily visualization, accompanied by positive emotion, manifests more of what we desire in our lives than just work alone.  Business leaders, elite athletes and countless people just like you, use visualization to reach for and surpass their perceived potential.  Make the simple investment of five to 15 minutes daily to vividly visualize your goals.  Accompany this with positive emotions about what you are visioning in your mind’s eye.  This is the trump card of success seekers.  This, coupled with writing and reading your goals daily, are the two primary practices you can immediately put to work for you in manifesting your potential.

You are a creative being. Deciding what you will create in your 80-100 years in this life is entirely up to you.  Like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, you have access to a magical mechanism to help you to fulfill your potential.  These seven tools will help you harness the power of both your rational mind and subconscious mind to work alongside your intentional effort. This Divine recipe will unleash the pure potential in you that has been eternally anxious to take form.

Rena M. Reese is the founder of Soul Salon International, an inspirational multimedia company, which also offers coaching and consulting to help people find their “happy place”. She is the author of several inspirational titles, a professional speaker and coach as well as the host of a weekly radio program, The Soul Salon. Please visit on the web, on Facebook and on Twitter @TheSoulSalon.