Kate’s ACL Reconstruction

Dear SSI Friends,

Today I am pleased to share this video of our daughter Kate’s complete ACL Reconstruction story.  This video was 8 months in the making.  This was a really personal project for me and I could not be prouder of our girl. When Kate was injured in January, we learned that she tore her ACL and also had two meniscus tears.  We knew that there would be sacrifices in the months ahead, but all our googling and research gave us limited info as to what to expect in this process.  Kate agreed to let me document her journey and what started as a project she agreed to that would help other athletes going through the same thing, also yielded a surprise gift.  It also served as a reminder to Kate just how far she has come.  On days that she asked more from herself or wished for healing to go faster, it was good to remember the limitations that were there just a month or even a week before.  This started as a project to help others, but just like in life, you cannot help others without benefiting yourself in some way too.  It is a law of nature.

A note to our girl….

Dear Kate,

Dad and I are so proud of how you handled  your ACL Reconstruction.  You sacrificed so much to meet your goal to be back on the soccer field in the 2012 fall season.  You were nominated to attend the National ODP Camp in Braedenton, FL and they graciously asked you to still attend when you learned of your ACL injury just 2 days before you were to board the plane to try out for the National Team. While friends were at the beach or on vacation this summer, you refused to go anywhere– except for 4 days in August– instead you stayed home and went to PT and trained.

  You spent hours upon hours with your fabulous Physical Therapist Stacy King as well as the wonderful Quentin Paquette and Marcie Schwartz.  You worked until you were exhausted, iced–and woke up the next day and did it again. You stayed positive even though you missed your spring Club team soccer season and  all summer soccer too.  You have logged so much time standing on sidelines, unable to play contact, while supporting your team.  You have experienced the love of so many friends as they supported you in your journey.  And in this video, one of the most special moments for me which brought tears to my eyes, was how your team celebrated with you when you scored for the first time since being cleared to play.  What amazing teammates you have on Churchill Soccer–and MSC Elite.  What special coaches you have in Haroot Hakopian and Jim Bruno too.

Kate, I think you would agree that this tough card you were dealt was ultimately a gift.  Even though you are still relearning things that used to come naturally, you are are perfect as you are, where you are.  Every day you still amaze us with your mental toughness, character, drive and love for this game. We are so proud to be your parents.

Love, Mom