Living Consciously

Human beings, by virtue of our biology, enjoy a state of wakefulness, or consciousness. In this state we are in control of our bodies, our choices and actions. It’s our choice to stop at a red light, utter a kind word or arrive on time for work.  We can decide whether we will turn left, marry or listen to classical music. We are awake and every single experience, both easy and challenging or pleasant and difficult is absorbed by our senses and provides feedback as to our physical experience.

Just as our physical consciousness creates our physical experience, our spiritual consciousness forms our spiritual  experience. Fostering an acute awareness of our spiritual world promotes its growth and unlike its physical counterpart, spiritual consciousness is earned. To intentionally seek spiritual consciousness is to intentionally seek truth and goodness—as well as our highest potential as human beings.

If you lost consciousness while at the wheel of your car you would likely awaken with questions. You would probably ask, “How did this happen?” and “How can I keep an episode like this from happening again?” Yet millions of people all over the planet are content to go weeks, years and even a lifetime spiritually unconscious. We are at the metaphorical wheel unaware that we are unconsciously driving through life.

Realizing that our unconscious living snuck up on us, is what awakens us to the vigilance that a spiritually conscious life requires. Sound the alarm; it is time for the whole of humanity to wake up from its spiritual slumber to strive for both our personal awakenings and evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

10 Steps to higher Consciousness:

Read spiritually enlightened texts– Have your read the Tao de Ching, The Bible, the Koran, the I Ching, or Kabbalah? Have you read any of the works of Plato or Socrates or “A Course in Miracles?” Enlightened  texts, even if they differ from your current belief system are powerfully expansive to the spirit.

Understand what truly creates happiness– True happiness correlates directly to your level of consciousness, not to your level of financial abundance. This is why it is true that lottery winners after receiving their checks report drops in levels of happiness and spikes in addictive behaviors, divorces and depression. Happiness comes from spiritual growth and that which is non-material in nature. This is why the penniless Mother Theresa was able to be happy and why a conscious wealthy man can lose  and regain his  fortune  many times  over without wavering  in his joyfulness.

Watch enlightened television programming. TV offers a myriad of choices for viewing  24 hours a day. Your level of consciousness expands along  with your knowledge of the world, the sciences as well as the high vibrations that come from programs that bring laughter. Choosing to watch programs that depict violence, dysfunctional families and morally bankrupt characters for entertainment purposes deceases conscious-living.

Keep your head about you when you are with the herd– People do things in a herd that they would never do alone. Plenty  of people who have partied with friends in Vegas or celebrated  at Mardi Gras in New Orleans can attest to this. Emotions are contagious—be sure they are truly yours before you act on them.

Relinquish any sense of moral superiority–  It’s the ego that desires to rank ourselves above others. Countries do this, leaders do this, as well as various organizations and causes. When you strive to be identified as more righteous or superior, you are stepping away from greater consciousness and instead stepping toward ego-based living. There is little room for the ego for the highly conscious because they realize that there is no “me”, and only “we”.

Create positive intentions– Fill your life with acts of integrity, with things of beauty, harmonic acts of connection  and with both love and respect  for all of creation. After all, an enlightened being does not focus on anything in opposition to these things.

Understand that every choice matters– Every single day you will make thousands of choices. Choosing to take the high road, to laugh, to be honest and to forgive, provides opportunities for spiritual growth. Enlightened choices lead to enlightened  living. Conversely, choices rooted in fear, anger and judgment will lead to disconnection, disillusionment and hopelessness.

Gratitude– Highly conscious people have a keen awareness that gifts come in unlikely packages. Adversity can positively re-route your life and what originates as an irritation can become an enlightening lesson.

Live in the present moment– Spiritually advanced people relinquish the pain of yesterday and invest no time in worrying about tomorrow—because neither one exists right now. Enjoying the present moment affords you the freedom to appreciate all that is right about the here and now.

Spirit trumps Science– Science helps us to make sense of our world as we use time, reason and math to measure and prove theories. But science is limited by the linear thinking that defines it. Our spiritual world is unlimited and therefore not measurable. Love, gratitude, and hope exemplify  spiritual  terms that cannot be measured. After all, how would science measure a parent’s love for a child? Invite the boundless and infinite energy of pure consciousness into your world to create an absolutely boundless life.

Some may chose not to pursue the path to greater consciousness because they believe that it takes too much sacrifice to achieve. While there is some sacrifice involved as you become  more conscious, all that you are truly  sacrificing is negativity. Intentionally dismantling  the negative  forces in your life provides quantum leaps in spiritual growth. It will fuel you to seek and create with excellence, act responsibly and hold  yourself  accountable  for  the  level  of  consciousness you achieve in this lifetime.

Rena M. Reese is the founder of Soul Salon International, an inspirational multimedia company. She is the author of several inspirational titles, a professional speaker and coach as  well  as the  host  of  a weekly  radio  program, The  Soul  Salon. For more inspiration and information, please visit and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @TheSoulSalon.