Whole Life Success

Success is a term open to wide and varied interpretation. While each of us describes “success” in terms of our personal barometer of satisfaction, the traits that yield success are steadfast and true for all of us. Whether success is feeding your family from your backyard plot of organically farmed land, running a multi-million dollar company, or simply celebrating that your puppy has been trained to do his business outside, success requires something from us. That something comes in the form of right thinking, right practice and right action. When these three forces are harnessed in the interest of your values and goals, you will systematically create what you desire. Moreover, you will be better able to live what you deem a successful life.

True success does not exist in isolation. It partners with other wonderful attributes that include well-being, inner-peace and happiness. If today, you define yourself as being a success, but are not enjoying a high level of these other attributes you may want to consider creating a shift. Doing so, will infuse a whole new level of success into your life, your work, level of health and relationships. Whole-life success can be consciously weaved into the fabric of your entire life… and a simple intention to do so, is where it begins.


  • Turn on your GPS- Each of us has an inner guidance system pre-programmed for our happy place. Those coordinates are also the place of our greatest success, contribution and happiness. Rather than allowing our desire to please, be good, and be liked, to navigate our life-path, look within, to your own compass, for guidance, Mute the voice that says, “turn left” when you intuitively know that another direction is best for you.
  • Take responsibility for it all- You have probably created a lot of good in your personal, professional and personal life. You may reflect on your accomplishments in these arenas and credit yourself with a lot of good work, sacrifice and creativity that was offered by you to achieve these things. Things get tricky when we look at various areas of our lives and we do not feel satisfaction. Perhaps we assign blame for infractions against us, being unlucky, betrayed or hurt by another. Each of these less than idea outcomes are ours to own too. If we assign blame to someone or something “out there” for an area of our life not being the way we want it, we must also look “out there” for the fix. This diminishes our personal power and ability to affect change in our lives.
  • Stock your pantry- Imagine opening your pantry to give a hungry friend some soup. If the soup is not there, of course you cannot give it away. This metaphor asks us to take stock of the emotions and feelings that saturate our spirit each day. Decide to consciously replace fear with trust, contempt with kindness and grudges with forgiveness. This stocks your pantry with all of the very best things that you desire to share with those in your life while creating successful relationships.
  • Name your burning desire– What do you feel you must do? What dream have you pushed to the back burner, but find it still simmers silently? This seed of a dream cannot be ignored and requires your attention. Know that this Divine nudge was placed in your heart along with all your need to achieve it. Begin it—even with the smallest of steps. Commit it to paper, pickup a book to learn more, open a bank account and begin contributing towards the attainment of that desire. Remember the quote from Goethe, “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”
  • Collaborate with fate- One of the most fun, encouraging and helpful tools available to us is synchronicity. Too often, timely opportunities and perfect connections are dismissed as coincidence when they are actually blinking, neon road signs pointing us to our happy place. Look for synchronicity and act on those serendipitous moments and chances.
  • Put your suitcase down- Each of us carries metaphorical luggage packed with the experiences, emotions, and the lessons of our past. No one is exempt from a history which includes some things that have less than favorable outcomes. Open your suitcase and acknowledge all of it—and try to bless it all too. Every bit of your “suitcase contents” is what brought you right here, to right now. The present day you is smarter, clearer on your values and boundaries, as well as far more sure of what you want (and don’t want). Once you acknowledge it all, you can set your luggage down and walk away from it, which frees up at least one hand to grasp for the successes you want in your life.
  • Meditate- Now more than ever the western world is catching on to the practice of meditation. Inner-peace cannot be bought, gathered, or grown—instead it is allowed. Clear a space in your day where noise, responsibilities and action are replaced with silence. In that silent space your spirit merges with your body– and your mind comes along for the ride. The three of these then step-in-time becoming harmonized, allowing for the synchronicities mentioned above to be more easily noticed.
  • Be governed by your values- You may compromise in your business dealings, when choosing a vacation spot or where you’ll go for dinner, but never compromise on your values. This is probably the most important element of living a successful life and also the least credited element. You can achieve status, financial abundance, fame and material possessions, but if your values were sacrificed in the process, your will not feel like a success. Filtering your decisions through your values first, is a sure way to engage in the healthiest of relationships, engage in work that fills you up and all while you contribute your best to all of your endeavors. What better measure of success is there?

Rena M. Reese is the founder of Soul Salon International, an inspirational multimedia company which offers coaching, consulting, web-design, publishing support, and fundraising opportunities for individuals and groups. She is the author of several inspirational titles, a professional speaker and coach as well as the host of a weekly radio program, The Soul Salon. Her articles are syndicated in print and online and this article was first printed in Affluent Magazine. Please visit and connect with her on Twitter @TheSoulSalon