Radio Show

The Soul Salon Radio program is now in the sixth year of programming.  This program, dedicated to your physical and spiritual revival,  airs once weekly on Tuesday at 1pm EST. You can listen to the program live or catch the archived version on Blogtalk Radio or as a free podcast on Itunes.

The Soul Salon welcomes best-selling authors, fitness gurus, experts in their fields and some of the world’s best spiritual teachers.


Previous Guest Highlights include:

Author Jeni Stepanek- Mom of Mattie Stepanek, NY Times Best-Selling Author, poet, philosopher and peace-maker.

Dr. Judith Orloff- Best-selling author of Second Sight, Emotional Freedom, Positive Energy, Guide to Intuitive Healing

Michael Lee Stallard- Author of Fired Up or Burned Out

Marc Allen, Founder of New World Library Publishing House

Tanya Brown- Advocate for domestic violence prevention and sister of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Dr. Eric Pearl of The Reconnection

Dr. Bernie Siegel– Ny Times Best-Selling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, Faith, Hope and Healing and many other popular titles.

Margi Faze- Fitness Model

Francesca McCartney- Author of Body of Health and the founder of the Academy of Intuition Medicine ®