Rena M. ReeseSoul Salon International’s Founder Rena M. Reese, understands  and communicates the unmistakable link between spiritual vitality and physical health.  When you are spiritually out-of-shape, all that you create in the physical world is impacted.  But when your spirit is thriving, you are better able to attract the people, events, “luck”, health and abundance that you desire.

It became apparent to Rena, after years of deeply connecting with people, that we all want the same things in life.  These are to live a life of purpose, happiness, fulfillment and contribution.  In addition we share many of the same roadblocks.  Addressing these very truths, Soul Salon International uses many powerful tools to be an instrument of change and awakening for anyone  ready to participate in the huge global shift in consciousness happening right now. She is a consultant, workshop facilitator, radio host, and author of many inspirational books that support the spiritual and physical revivals of her readers.  She is a featured expert at Success Television and a contributing writer for Affluent Magazine and Yang Sheng Magazine.

Beyond being an author, teacher, speaker, trained counselor, (Johns Hopkins University 1994) and Life Coach, (Coaches Training Institute 2005) Rena was named a 2004 EAS Body-for-Life Grand Champion.  Her connections with people from many walks of life inspired the creation and growth of Soul Salon International. What began as a personal quest developed into a global outreach.  This passion is infused into several books and the these books have forged a movement.   Why?  Soul Salon International believes it is because we are all seeking greater meaning and joy in life. SSI supports these things being part of our lives and instilling them in the world’s children. We are being Divinely nudged toward our spirit’s quest for peace, alignment, growth and connectedness.